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How to Photograph Children

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How Copy Photos from Your Memory Card to...

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Weird Photography Tricks to Use

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How Copy Photos from Your Memory Card to Personal Computer

How Copy Photos from Your Memory Card to Personal Computer

Once you are done with your shoot, you can start editing the photos that you have taken in order for them to be perfect. During the shoot ensure you use a good camera, quality tripod and selfie stick to ensure your camera was still during the photo shoot so that you do not have blurry photos. Sometimes photographers leave their photos to be edited by different software but letting yourself take total control over the editing will allow you to edit them perfectly.  Here is how to get your photos from your computer;

Be in charge

You have to understand that you are in charge of all that pertains to those photos so any application that might try to open the photos should be closed, unless it is the application you are to use.

Select your application

You can use the finder if you are using Mac and the windows explorer for the PC. If you are going to use Photoshop during editing, you can import the photos using Bridge but when it comes to Lightroom you can start the Lightroom and import the photos. Choose an application that you are totally comfortable with.

Import with the use of windows explorer or finder

Your camera or memory card will behave just like any drive when attached to your personal computer. A dialog appears once your memory card is perfectly inserted and you can select the option of open folder in order to view the files. If it does not appear you can start the windows explorer manually, try and locate your folder then open a new window and drag the folder there.

Most people tend to use the Windows Explorer and the Finder since they are really easy to use and you don’t get any difficulty navigating through. You can also get to familiarize yourself with the Lightroom and Bridge, if you aren’t comfortable with the finder or windows explorer application.

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Weird Photography Tricks to Use

Weird Photography Tricks to Use

Photography has always been fun and the fact that you can try new tricks each new day makes it more interesting. Many people have been taking selfies ever since they were introduced in to the world and this trend is here to stay. Here is a list of some of the most weird photography tricks.

No Tripod? Use a Lamp Holder

Want to take you photo using your camera but you don’t know where to set it? Just un-mount your lamp from the lamp holder, then screw your camera on to the bolt. The bold is actually the same size as the filter threads on the different tripods.  This will allow you to take your pictures without any stress and it acts as a comfortable replacement for the commonly used tripods.

Remove the Lens

If you take off your normal lens, you will create a macro lens, for this trick to work you need to switch your camera to manual mode. The best focal length for the macro lens is up to 50mm, you will lose the auto focus since your lenses aren’t attached to the camera and the camera won’t open up the aperture.

Deleting people from your Pictures

Sometimes you are at a beautiful tourist attraction site but many people are there that you can’t afford to take a good picture. You can use your selfie stick and take a picture every ten to fifteen seconds which means you will capture almost twenty photos. Open your photos using Photoshop then the app will delete anyone who is not in the next picture thus you will remain in the photo at the tourist attraction alone.

These photography tricks are really fun and they allow you to enjoy your photography experience.

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How to take Natural looking Portraits of Children

How to take Natural looking Portraits of Children

Photographing children is one of the things that many photographers tend to avoid because it is very challenging.  If you are taking a child portrait, sometimes it might get hard with the child throwing some tantrums or tearing up but the feeling when you get when you capture that child’s smile is something else that makes you proud of shooting that portrait. New environments tend to make children very nervous, so take the portrait in an environment the child is used too. Here are some tips on how you can take a natural looking portrait of a child.

Natural Lighting

Carry out your shoot outside so that you can get the best natural light ever. You can set up the shoot in the kid’s tree house which provides good shade and lighting but if not you, carry it out in the play parks and ensure other kids are not in the shot.

Be Prepared

Before starting your shoot, ensure that you have everything you need whether it’s the camera, selfie stick, battery packs, tripod and memory card. Set your camera’s exposure setting perfectly to avoid wasting time setting it in the middle of the shoot.

Action Shooting

If you are going to take the portraits of the child while in action, you need to increase you shutter speed to avoid taking any blurry photos. You can also increase the level of ISO which your DSLR can handle and it will make your photos more sharp.

Continuous Mode

When shooting kids, it is advisable to switch your camera to a continuous shooting mode which allows you to capture a lot of different pictures thus you can pick the best one.

Create a Fun Mood

Before you start shooting, engage the children in an activity so that they can be in high spirits as you do the shoot. It allows you to capture perfect moments of the kids.

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How to Photograph Children

How to Photograph Children

Many people always ask how they can photograph their children. Children tend to be stubborn especially when they are subjected to new experience that they are not used too. With time they will start having fun but you do have to be patient with them and be their play partner until they feel they are okay with being around you. You can pose for a selfie with them and use a selfie stick which will be interesting for the kids and share it in social media pages. Here are some setting you should ensure you camera is in to be able to capture the best shots of these children.


Switching your camera to aperture priority mode gives you a lot of creative control over the depth of the field which is really essential for portraits. Adjust your aperture whether it’s by increasing or lowering it, which allows to bring the child into complete focus removing the background from focus.


Lower or increase your camera’s ISO, depending on whether you are shooting outdoor or indoors plus the type of lighting you are using. If you are shooting outdoors, you can lower your ISO but if it is indoors, you can take your ISO as high as you want.

Focus Mode

If you are using the auto focus mode, set it to single point focusing. With the kids moving around very fast, it is essential that you know what you are focusing on. When using manual mode it’s easier to choose your focus point, since you have total control over your camera.


When it comes to the lenses, you can use lenses that have a zooming capability. Zooming sometimes can make your photo to be blurry but if you surely use the best zoom lens, you will be able to fill your frame and still achieve quality images.

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